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Our CRM with Sales Opportunity is free for a sales team up to 4 sales professionals. You and your sales team can gain complete control of your sales activity with the Contact Resource Manager, CRM with Sales Opportunity Module from GregMedia Inc. Be organized and completely informed on where your with every lead, account, prospect and sales professional. This module was not designed by techies but a sales professional with years of selling in the field and sales training. We have created a module that will allow a sale’s professional to document the all of their sales activity as they move
CRM by GregMedia, Inc.through each step of the sales call. First the sales pro is assigned a role which maybe "sales professional" . The person in charge of the sales pro(s) will be able to set up the preferences each will use in their 
process. For example we have the sales process that is used . The sales process may need something added such as the filling out of a survey before moving on to another stage of the sale. The first task the sales pro will encounter is to choose a company on contact that is in the system or fill out the info needed to establish the entity. Orth admin can upload leads, prospects or accounts by using the template provided .  Click to dial from your CRM. Our System works with any of the major soft phones. We recommend the free CounterPath's X-Lite or if you want the full featured phone try the Brea 3or if you want the full featured phone try the Brea 3. We can also supply you with all the phone numbers you need. Just call us at

  • Free Contact Resource Manager

    Free Contact Resource Manager

  • Increase you productivity

    Increase you productivity

"Best Book a Sales Pro Could Read."    Sammy N.

"I enjoyed your book very much. It is clear, interesting, informative and enlightening. I would recommend it to people I know even ones who are not in sales. I think your understanding of the mind and human interaction is excellent."

Michael Franzblau, M. D. Psychiatrist, Beverly Hills, CA

"This book is a journey between brilliance and madness. Amazing insights and very unpredictable. I had no idea what was coming next."


From The Author:

First I would like to tell you what this book is not. This is not a sales book. That will be my second New York Times Best Seller if all goes to plan. Also this book is not for “self help “. If you use what you learn here in your personal life, I am not responsible for the results. As a sales manager and trainer it is not my job to kiss your butt and tell you how great you are. Most of the problems I have created and bad decisions I have made in my life have been from having a big ego and over estimating my own abilities. It is my experience that salespeople are looking for validation anywhere they can get it. The only validation that counts is what is up on the sales board. 

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